This site is dedicated to the REAL issues in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama that affect the rights and privileges we have under The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of The State of Alabama.  To get us started, I will pose various questions to the citizens of Tuscaloosa County.  This should help to awaken public awareness about the infringements on our rights.


1.     Do you know what government entity controls WANS (West Alabama Narcotics Squad, alias, West Alabama Narcotics Task Force, alias, West Alabama Narcotics; actual name used by them to get federal funding, Tuscaloosa Metro Drug Enforcement)?


2.    Would you expect a city police officer to go to a Municipal Judge or Magistrate, or to go to a County District Judge or County District Magistrate, when he/she wants to obtain a search warrant for your house that lies in the County of Tuscaloosa?


3.    Can a Tuscaloosa City Police Officer, get a county search warrant, to search your house, if your house lies outside of the City of Tuscaloosa Police Jurisdiction but and, within The County of Tuscaloosa.


4.    If you saw a "drug raid" happening in The City of Tuscaloosa or in The  County of Tuscaloosa, and some of the officers who are conducting the drug raid are wearing a jacket with the letters "TFA" displayed prominently on the jacket, what do you think the letters "TFA" stand for?